Irving, Texas aerial view of the downtown river-front area

Disinfection Services in Irving, Texas

InnerEnviro provides disinfection services in Irving , Texas. Business, schools and churches can gain a greater level of assurance by relying on InnerEnviro to take care of ensuring their space is safe for people to interact in. Our medical-grade disinfection services are fast, affordable and effective. We follow OSHA and CDC guidelines and use medical-grade disinfectants. We can also apply a high-tech anti-microbial coating that can last up to 90 days on non-porous surfaces to protect the most high-touch areas of an office, medical/dental practice restaurant or entertainment space. The folks in Irving area more than ready to get back to business, learning, congregating and having a good time and InnerEnviro has developed the ClearPath process to help make sure it happens to the highest level of safety.

Irving is a large western suburb of Dallas, Texas in Dallas county with a population nearing a quarter-million – making it one of the largest cities in Texas. Irving is also considered one of the Dallas/Fort Worth area’s mid-cities which is InnerEnviro’s primary service area. We especially enjoy Irving’s vibrant business community and the diversity of people that we meet and work with. With almost 25,000 businesses located in Irving proper, one can find just about any product or service under the sun. Some prominent national and international companies are headquartered in Irving, such as Exxon Mobil and Michael’s retail craft stores.

If you need a break from the COVID-19 quarantine there are fantastic outdoor options in the area. The Irving visitor’s bureau has a fantastic list of things to do in Irving on their website, which includes some great options such as golf and trail hiking.

This year has been challenging for Texans doing business in Irving and all over Texas and the U.S. with COVID-19 spreading faster than we could have imagined. Texans have had to adapt to a new life that includes social distancing, mask wearing, and a little bit of uncertainty about their safety, the economy and when life can go back to normal. InnerEnviro is here to help the Irving businesses, Irving schools and Irving restaurants back to doing business, learning in public schools and universities and colleges, attending church and having a good time. We offer reasonable priced, expedient disinfection services that can bring a high-level of peace of mind and comfort for employees, customers, congregants and students returning to life in their interior environments outside of home.

InnerEnviro can insure that surfaces are safe and free of living pathogens such as Coronavirus that can perpetuate the pandemic and subsequent quarantine that has kept the Dallas/Fort Worth economies from returning fully to normal. If you operate a business, school or church in Irving give InnerEnviro a call at (214) 945-0505 and we will disinfect and protect your space and leave you with a sticker that can be prominently displayed so that visitors and customers can have assurance that you’ve done everything you can to make you space as safe as possible.

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