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Disinfection Services in Dallas, Texas

InnerEnviro is a leader in Dallas, Texas disinfection services. Our innovative virus and harmful microbe eradication process serves all types of businesses from offices to retail, entertainment centers — including large venues, restaurants and bars. Dallas is the heart North Texas with with more than 1.4 million people calling Dallas home. The greater DFW area is the fourth largest metropolis in the United States. Dallas has a thriving business community with over 10 fortune 500 companies call it home. The Dallas economy is diverse with businesses operating in defensefinancial servicesinformation technologytelecommunications, and transportation.

Dallas has several leading institutions of higher learning (see listing below).

The pandemic of 2019-2020 has turned out to be a challenging time for Texans in Dallas and the greater DFW metro area with COVID-19 keeping the pace of life slower than usual and threatening to possibility of sending a large population back to quarantine. InnerEnviro is here to help the Dallas – Fort Worth communities get back to business, learning, worship and fun. We offer reasonable priced, expedient CDC approved methods and cleaning agents for disinfecting surfaces that can host and help spread germs and microbial infections. Our certified disinfected seal can bring a high-level of peace of mind and comfort for employees, customers, congregants and students returning to life in their interior environments outside of home. Whether it’s offices, schools, churches, restaurants, bars and other recreational spots — InnerEnviro can insure that surfaces are safe and infection/germ free.

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