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Let's stop Icky & Sicky together and keep our schools healthy and safe!

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Disinfection & Protection for Your Bus Fleet

Reduce the risk of contact transmission with electrostatic disinfection mist and an antimicrobial protectant coating! RazorTM antimicrobial coating can last up to 90 days, although we recommend bi-monthly (every 2 months) treatment considering school buses are high touch areas.


disinfectant mist

$44 / Bus (Single Treatment)

  • Single Treatment $44/bus
  • Monthly $36/bus
  • Weekly $30/bus
  • Daily $20/bus (RECOMMENDED)


Wipe down + Single-pass
antimicrobial coating mist

$58 / Bus (Bi-monthly)

  • Single Treatment $63/bus
  • Monthly $58/bus
  • Bi-monthly $58/bus (RECOMMENDED)
  • Quarterly $58/bus

Disinfect & Protect

Double-pass treatment disinfectant
& protectant mist

$67 / Bus (Bi-monthly)

  • Single Treatment $72/bus
  • Monthly $67/bus
  • Bi-monthly $67/bus (RECOMMENDED)
  • Quarterly $67/bus


With RAZORTM Antimicrobial Coating

Reduce the risk of contact transmission with an antimicrobial protectant coating! The protectant utilizes a mechanical inhibiting process that ruptures the cell walls of microbes and electrocutes them with a static charge! The coating resembles a layer of electrically charged swords. When a microbe comes in contact with the treated surface, the sword punctures the cell membrane and the remnants are electrocuted. The coating does not lose it's strength and the sword is now ready for the next cell to contact it.

Kids wearing masks with thumbs up in front of school bus

Can last up to

90 Days

Our ClearPath Electrostatic Disinfection Process

The Fastest, Easiest, Most Cost-Effective Way To Disinfect

  • Safe for the Environment, People & Plants

    Our disinfectant has a neutral PH and a high level of disinfectant power. The effective volume is very low, and once applied, begins to break down as the water-base evaporates, leaving behind an unobtrusive smell and no residue.

  • Kills 99.9999% of most harmful pathogens

    We use an EPA/CDC approved hospital-grade disinfectant that's been clinically tested and proven to kill even the most tenacious of pathogens within 5 minutes of exposure.

  • Electrostatic technology ensures 360° coverage

    As the disinfectant atomizes into an ultra-fine mist, an electrostatic charge is introduced. The charged droplets have a magnetic effect and seek surfaces while repelling each other. The result is an even coverage that reaches surfaces not directly targeted.

  • Reliable, expedient service

    We operate during non-working hours with assurance the school buses will be safe and habitable for children and staff during operating hours.

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