To Keep Covid-19 at Bay, Americans Turn to Cleaning Services

Recently the Wall Street Journal published the article, “To Keep Covid-19 at Bay, Americans Turn to Cleaning Services“, describes what many cleaning and janitorial services in the US are doing to expand into offering disinfection services as the United States grapples with the Coronavirus pandemic.

InnerEnviro launched in the Dallas-Forth Worth area so that Texans here in DFW could turn to a cleaning service that specifically specializes in decontamination and disinfection services. Our founder is a registered nurse with an understanding of how hospitals strive to keep surface transmission of harmful pathogens minimal. We’ve taken that knowledge and combined it with CDC/EPA approved disinfectants, patented state-of-the-art electrostatic spray technology and trained, caring technicians to develop the ClearPath process. It is the best way to clear pathogens from an indoor environment and give your business a clear path to opening the space up for business.

The notable difference between ClearPath and your traditional cleaning or janitorial service is that spray and wipe methods are not as effective and take a large staff many many hours to perform these basic services. Take a look at our home page to see a diagram of just how much more efficient ClearPath is compared to traditional cleaning methods. InnerEnviro can disinfect up to 50,000 square feet in one hour. It would take 18 people 5 hours to accomplish the same task!

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